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The most exciting and fascinating form of entertainment around the world is gambling! A player can end up changing his entire life spending an evening at his favorite casino in any part of the world or even online these days. Whether it is a fortune or a misfortune, is decided here. This is one of the main reasons why the phenomenon of gambling and casinos build loads of interest. However the same subject would also outgrow with buzzes and rumors! Let’s see some facts about gambling here:

1. Citizens of Monaco are prohibited from playing in Monte Carlo Casino

Who hasn’t heard about the famous casino in Monte Carlo in Monaco? This is a real paradise for the players, however not if you are from Monaco itself. During the 19th century, the citizens were forbidden to play in the casinos as the profits should come in from foreign countries. Well, the citizens are ok with it as they are exempted from paying income taxes! The casino money is used for taxes instead.

2. Counting cards is legal

Counting cards is legal

When it comes to blackjack, card counting is considered as a legal strategy. This principle tracks the cards that are dealt as well as the remaining cards in the deck while playing the game. Movies like Twenty-one and Rain Man may look like magic but the calculation is easy! There were still many casinos that banned card counting. Especially if the players were not that subtle in their attitude. Due to this players stopped playing blackjack and started choosing other games. Casinos started shuffling decks more frequently, changed rules and banned card counting.

3. The sandwich – created in the casino!

Let’s hear out the legend here. It’s about the fourth Earl of Sandwich, John Montagu. In 1765 he was a passionate gambler and did not even wish to eat leaving the table. Hence his servants were asked to bring him sliced bread with meat in between. This helped him to play and eat at the same time. Woala! The birth of Sandwich happened.

4. Japan – Casinos are illegal here!

Even though casinos are banned in Japan, people have found a way to play slots. The alternate to the banned casinos are thee Pachinko Salons where gamblers can enjoy playing games. Pachinko is similar to slot machines and the gamblers get small sized silver balls. These can be exchanged for prizes like alcohol, toys and much more. You can also get some special prizes if you ask.

5. The service station had the 1st slot machine

Progressive trend of Slot Machine

Charles Fey was a car mechanic and he invented the slot machine. The first slot machine was not put up in a casino. The machine was called liberty bell and was situated quite far from Las Vegas. While the customers were waiting for their cars to be serviced or fixed, they could play games. When table games were full in casinos they would use the liberty bell. Hence this liberty bell was bought by many casinos too.

6. 666- Total number in roulette wheel!

When it comes to gambling it is no surprise that there may also be a lot of superstitions. Hence some of the games in the casino are linked to mystical features. Every roulette wheel has the number of the beast. That’s the reason roulette wheel is also named as the devil’s wheel.

7. Get yourself banned from a casino!

Casino World

Yes you can voluntarily get banned from a casino. If you are a gambling addict, then you can ban yourself from entering any casino. This is allowed in many states. You can ban yourself for a specific period or even a life time.

8. Smallest casino in the world

There is no address for the smallest casino in the world. It is in the back of a London taxi. Grosvenor casino offers portable casino at the back of the taxi. You will find a table, a bar, a dealer and a television showing sports.

9. Las Vegas gave a woman the first license for a casino

Mamie stocker was the woman who got the first license for casino in Las Vegas. She was quite famous and appeared frequently in newspapers. She had the casino in her name as her husband was not fond of such business.

10. Inmates were allowed to gamble in prison in Nevada State

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For 35 years the inmates in Nevada State could gamble in prison and they could play blackjack, poker and craps. They were even allowed to bet on sports. Then a new warden stopped the gambling in prison as he said it is degrading the inmates.

These are just a few of the facts among many others.