Toto 4D Lottery in Singapore

Grand Dragon Lottery Payout Table
Singapore 4D Lottery Payout Table
No. 1 Big 1 Small
1st Prize 4000 SGD 3000 SGD
2nd Prize 2000 SGD 2000 SGD
3rd Prize 1000 SGD 1000 SGD
Starter 500 SGD -
Consolation 150 SGD -

2 Numbers: 62 SGD 3 Numbers: 620 SGD
4 Numbers: 7200 SGD Additional: 42 SGD
Toto 4D - Terms & Conditions
Min deposit and withdrawal: $50
If strike, 3webet will take a com of 5% (for 4D only)
Can withdrawal if strike (daily settlement)
Saturday if strike more than 10k winnings can only be collected on Sunday.
NO fixed bet is allow (there’s a fixed bet column in the account which you can’t use that function). If any fix bet placed winnings will not payout.
No transfer of credit from your sportsbook/casino/horse racing account to 4D/TOTO


Toto 4d is a popular lottery system that makes you earn some money depending upon your luck. If you are looking to play live toto in Singapore, you just need to visit our website and start to play toto sitting in the comfort of your home. All you need is to place your bet, you can opt for small or big bets depending upon your budget. Toto lottery in Singapore has become the favorite of everyone as many people have been able to win the lottery playing toto through our website. So, play Toto 4D lottery Singapore with our without your friends and get ready to win exciting prizes.

Frequently Asked Question

From numbers 0000 to 9999, you need to pick a random number of four digits and place your bet. If your 4 digits number appears in any category of prizes, you win a prize else not.
If you are interested to play 4d Toto in Singapore, you can visit our website and place your bet on any 4-digit number. When the draw result comes, you can check if you have won or not.
You need to visit our website first and then purchase the number of units you require for playing and betting in Toto.